PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst


Question 1

Which query language do you use to extract data from Microsoft SQL Server?

Answer is T-SQL

Question 2

You’re creating a Power BI report with data from an Azure Analysis Services Cube. When the data refreshes in the cube, you would like to see it immediately in the Power BI report.

How should you connect?
Connect Live
Direct Query

Answer is Connect Live

Question 3

What can you do to improve performance when you are getting data in Power BI?
Only pull data into the Power BI service, not Power BI Desktop
Use the Select SQL statement in your SQL queries when you are pulling data from a relational database
Combine date and time columns into a single column
Do some calculations in the original data source

Answer is Do some calculations in the original data source

Question 4

Which storage mode leaves the data at the data source?
Direct Query

Answer is Direct Query

Question 5

Which technology improves performance by generating a single query statement to retrieve and transform source data?
Query folding
Adding index columns
Adding custom columns with complex logic

Answer is Query folding

Question 6

What type of import error might leave a column blank?
Keep errors
Unpivot columns
Data type error

Answer is Data type error

Question 7

You have the following three versions of an Azure SQL database:
- Test
- Production
- Development
You have a dataset that uses the development database as a data source.
You need to configure the dataset so that you can easily change the data source between the development, test, and production database servers from

Which should you do?
Create a JSON file that contains the database server names. Import the JSON file to the dataset.
Create a parameter and update the queries to use the parameter.
Create a query for each database server and hide the development tables.
Set the data source privacy level to Organizational and use the ReplaceValue Power Query M function.

Answer is Create a parameter and update the queries to use the parameter.

As you can't edit datasets data sources in Power BI service, we recommend using parameters to store connection details such as instance names and database names, instead of using a static connection string. This allows you to manage the connections through the Power BI service web portal, or using APIs, at a later stage.


Question 8

You have an Azure SQL database that contains sales transactions. The database is updated frequently.
You need to generate reports from the data to detect fraudulent transactions. The data must be visible within five minutes of an update.

How should you configure the data connection?
Add a SQL statement.
Set Data Connectivity mode to DirectQuery.
Set the Command timeout in minutes setting.
Set Data Connectivity mode to Import.

Answer is Set Data Connectivity mode to DirectQuery.

With Power BI Desktop, when you connect to your data source, it's always possible to import a copy of the data into the Power BI Desktop. For some data sources, an alternative approach is available: connect directly to the data source using DirectQuery.
DirectQuery: No data is imported or copied into Power BI Desktop. For relational sources, the selected tables and columns appear in the Fields list. For multi-dimensional sources like SAP Business Warehouse, the dimensions and measures of the selected cube appear in the Fields list. As you create or interact with a visualization, Power BI Desktop queries the underlying data source, so you re always viewing current data.

Incorrect Answers:
D: Import: The selected tables and columns are imported into Power BI Desktop. As you create or interact with a visualization, Power BI Desktop uses the imported data. To see underlying data changes since the initial import or the most recent refresh, you must refresh the data, which imports the full dataset again.


Question 9

Which of the following sources lets users connect to a set of pre-wired connections?
JSON Files
SSAS Tabular

Answer is PBIDS Files

Power BI Data source files contain a single set of pre-wired data source connection settings allowing users to easily connect and speed up the "Get Data" process

Question 10

You plan to publish your SSAS Tabular (live connection) data model to Power BI Service. What must be used in order for this to be possible?
Data Gateway
Dual Storage Mode
Admin Privileges

Answer is Data Gateway

Data Gateways are required for on-premises data sources, like SSAS Tabular live connections.

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